Become a Friend and Support the SCFPA

You who have faithfully attended our wonderful house concerts over the years and graciously offered your homes as venues have done so for the deep love of great music – live music performed in an intimate setting by world-class musicians. The Foundation takes pride in paying these musicians the remuneration they deserve, but even with sold-out concerts in our new venue, the Benderly-Kendall Opera House, patron admission fees do not begin to cover the expense of bringing these fine artists to Patagonia. That is why the Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts is offering an alternative way to support our mission by  becoming a “Friend of the Opera House

Gerry Isaac quote

With a donation of $10 monthly or $120 annually, you will become an individual Friend of the Opera House (FOH) member for the current season which runs from October 2023 to October 2024. In thanks for your support, you will be invited to attend our special Friend’s Appreciation Concert. A donation of $20 monthly or $240 annually entitles you to invite a guest to accompany you to that special FOH concert.


Whichever way you prefer to give, monthly or one time, online or by check, your contributions will help defray the costs needed to present the world-class and internationally known musicians in performances that have made the Benderly – Kendall Opera House concerts such a resounding success.