Juanito Pascual, flamenco guitar

by Evan Kory –

Our first concert of 2018 featured the great flamenco guitarist Jonathan “Juanito” Pascual. A leader in the world of flamenco guitar, he is an SCFPA audience favorite having performed in our Benderly Salon Series in 2009 and 2014. We have witnessed his career flourish over the years and it was a pleasure to welcome him back to Patagonia to perform at the Benderly Kendall Opera House. Juanito has performed all over the world throughout the United States, the Middle East, Europe, and Central America, and when you hear his playing you quickly understand why he is so popular everywhere he goes.  He plays with great conviction and passion. Many of the musical works he presented were original flamenco compositions and the virtu osity of his playing is astounding! In addition to the fiery flamenco style of his own music, he also performed one of the great works for classical guitar Isaac Albeniz’s Leyenda de Asturias.

Originally conceived for solo piano, Albeniz’s composition has become an adored staple of the guitar repertoire. Juanito’s performance was both mysteriously nostalgic and fiery all at once. The work is an homage to the Andalusian flamenco tradition and it complimented Juanito’s brilliant compositions beautifully. We look forward to welcoming Juanito Pascual back again and wish him continued success in his diverse musical career.