Maxi Larrea, Tango Guitarist

by Evan Kory – 

Originally from the Patagonia region of Argentina, Maxi Larrea made his Patagonia, Arizona debut on December 20. A new resident of Arizona, he and his wife made Tucson their home in January 2020. In addition to performing, he is also a composer and focuses his work on tango and folk music for the guitar. In his home country of Argentina Maxi always performed with other tango musicians. When he first moved to the United States in 2014, he didn’t know many other musicians and it led him to compose for his solo guitar. He has been composing ever since.

If you would like to hear more about Maxi’s story you can view a post-concert interview with Christina Wilhelm on our website by looking on the Archives page.

Maxi recently released a new cd of his alluring original music. For more information please visit his website:

Program: Original works by Maxi Larrea