The Goldberg Variations – Arthur Haas

By Lynn Davison-

If you did not attend this past Sunday’s concert at the Opera House, you missed something special.  Arthur Haas performed Bach’s Goldberg Variations on the harpsichord.  Haas is an internationally-renowned harpsichord performer and teacher. Even for someone with no musical talent and training (like me), his virtuosity was obvious. It was mesmerizing to watch his hands on the keys throughout the 30 variations. The music was compelling, mixing several slow and sweet variations among the numerous high tempo variations. The instrument Haas played is a 1978 reproduction of a harpsichord built in the 17th century.  Thanks to Kathleen Krause for generously sponsoring the concert, to Evan Kory for loaning his beautiful harpsichord, and as always to Christina for bringing another remarkable performance to our tiny little town.

By Meg Gilbert –

Arthur Haas’s performance of Bach’s Goldberg Variations yesterday at the Opera House was AMAZING! Man and harpsichord were one. Arthur Haas’s fingers swiftly bounced across the keys with amazing grace and apparent ease. I felt as though I might be back in the year 1741. I could imagine Bach’s smile, as only such an accomplished musician could, knowing how mesmerized the audience was listening to Arthur Haas’s exquisite performance of the 80 minute piece. The harpsichord was beautifully hand painted with owls and flowers and other bits of nature. The performance space was very intimate and beautiful as well. Thank you Christina and Kathleen Krause for this unique opportunity, for this once in a lifetime experience.

By Julie Holding –

I was delighted by the Goldberg Variations performed by Arthur Haas. In the intimate setting I could watch his hands moving across the two keyboards, making the complex sounds of the harpsichord look effortless to produce. Closing my eyes I felt absorbed into the harmonies, textures and rhythms of the music. Afterwards I had the chance to look closely at the harpsichord, with its hand-painted decorations, and had interesting conversations with others about the performance. So amazing to have this experience in tiny Patagonia, Arizona!